Health experts warns being overweight to cause more cancer in women than smoking

Health Experts now warn that being overweight is set to cause more cancer in women than even smoking.

According to researchers, obesity increases the risk of 13 different types of tumours, including cancer of the breast and womb in women.

The Cancer Research UK said smoking causes 12 per cent of all cancers in women, or around 22,000 cases a year. However, being overweight is responsible for 7.5 per cent, or 13,200 cases. Now it has launched a major campaign to highlight the danger of being overweight.

The CRUK also claims that by 2043, obesity will be the biggest cause of cancer in women.

ÔÇťObesity is a huge public health threat and will only get worse if nothing is done, the Government must build on the lessons of smoking prevention to reduce the number of weight-related cancers by making it easier to keep a healthy weight and protect children.

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