Health Alert: Adults seek professional help to avoid cardio diseases

Anxiety and depression is on the rise in developing country like Indian and according to a new study these two increases heart attack or stoke chances by 45% in middle-aged adults.

The study was conducted by Australian researchers along with Scottish team who have studied 222,000 middle-aged participants for four years, have found that mental disorders in this age could later lead to heart diseases, DC reported.

The study also revealed women are more prone to developing cardiovascular issues due to stress and high levels of distress in women increases stroke chances by 44% while the same in men could increase by 30%.

“These factors may explain some of the observed increased risk,” Dr Caroline Jackson, the study’s senior author told the Daily Mail.

Dr Jackson also added that: “[But] they do not appear to account for all of it, indicating other mechanisms are likely to be important.”

He now urges people with psychological distress to seek professional help before it could potentially damage their heart.