#HeadScarfForHarmony trends after women in NZ wears hijab

CHRISTCHURCH: Non-Muslim New Zealand women across the country wore headscarves (Hijab) on Friday as a show of solidarity for the victims of Muslim community last week’s mosques shooting.

Soon, hashtag #HeadScarfForHarmony trends as women up and down across the country began to post their pictures of themselves wearing scarves.

Several television news anchors and reporters covering the memorial event and even policewoman decided to don the Islamic headscarf during the One Week anniversary of the Christchurch massacres.


[source_without_link] https://twitter.com/Rawaasalman/status/1108908462795182083[/source_without_link]

“Wearing a headscarf to uni as a show of support and solidarity with the many Muslim women who are routinely harassed for the act of following their faith,” posted one woman.

Hair stylist Gemma Skye Woods was quoted as saying, β€œAt work in our hair salon today took part in #headscarfforharmony we are from #Christchurch, NZ and our hearts broke when the attacks happened last week on our mosques. We had scarves for clients to take for free if they wanted to take part and many did.”