HCA President Azharuddin says show cause notice sent to him is illegal

Hyderabad: Mohammed Azharuddin, President of the HCA, has termed the show cause notice sent to him by his rivals as ‘malafide and illegal.’ In a press statement released on Thursday, Azharuddin stated that the coterie of tainted members who are facing an inquiry by the Ombudsman under rule 41 (i) b, have no authority to send him a show cause notice at this stage.

“It is public knowledge that the coterie of members is attending the courts facing charges of corruption that involve kickbacks and misappropriation of public money. They include Vice President John Manoj, Secretary R. Vijayanand, Joint Secretary Naresh Sharma, and Treasurer Surender Agarwal,” said Azhar.

“Their profiles are readily available on public domain for everyone to see,” said Azhar. “This is what I have been mentioning for the last two months. Corruption will run through as long as the corrupt stay in power. The money meant to be spent for the poor but talented cricketers will continue to be swallowed up as long as these corrupt people stay in power,” said Azhar.

“It is pertinent to mention here that these people are already facing enquiry before the Ombudsman and notice to this effect is already issued. So there is no point in these people conducting an Apex Council meeting and issuing a show cause notice to the President. These people are not eligible to conduct any meeting pending an inquiry against them.” 

Azharuddin concluded by saying that he will not back off till the corrupt are out of the institution and the HCA regainst its lost glory. 

In a related development Justice Deepak Verma, Ombudsman of the HCA has also issued a show cause notice to the Secretary R. Vijayanand about the charge that he provided false address to the court on an earlier occasion.

The secretary has been requested to go through the charges levelled against him and reply within 15 days of the issue of the show cause notice to him. Following this, a date for a virtual hearing will be fixed and the complaint lodged earlier will be decided upon.