HC stays on auction of wakf property “Viceroy Hotel”

Hyderabad: Telangana Wakf Board has been successful in stopping the auction of Viceroy Hotel which is built on prime wakf land located at Tank Bund.

SBI and Canara Bank had made an announcement for auctioning this property due to non-payment of loans. This auction was scheduled for 28th July.

Soon after the release of auction notice by the banks, Mr. Mohammed Saleem, Chairman of Telangana Wakf Board examined the wakf documents and instructed the CEO of Wakf Board, Mr. M.A. Mannan Farooqui to contact Debt Recovery Tribunal which is responsible for conducting auctions of the bank loan defaulters.

The CEO consulted legal experts and presented the claim of wakf property of Wakf Board to Debt Recovery Tribunal. He mentioned that the hotel was constructed illegally on the wakf land belonging to Dargah and Masjid located at Husain Sagar Tank Bund. The CEO contended that the hotel owner has no authority to mortgage wakf property. The banks also released loans without ascertaining the authenticity of the claim for property. After hearing the arguments of Wakf Board and also examining the documents produced by Wakf Board, the Tribunal issued stay order. The hearing of the case would continue in the future also.

In this manner, Wakf Board has been successful in protecting an important wakf property. The banks has assessed the value of Viceroy Hotel at Rs. 92.34 crore and had made an announcement that the parties interested in offering bids at the auction to deposit Rs. 9,23,40,000. Soon after getting the information of auction, Wakf Board came into action and Chairman of the Wakf Board contacted directly the legal experts and appreciated the efforts of the CEO of Wakf Board in getting the auction process stalled.

According to the statement of CEO, under Masjid Sultan Bagh and adjacent graveyard, 4 acres and 4 guntas land is registered as wakf property. Viceroy hotel occupies a land admeasuring 2 acres and 2 guntas. The masjid, the graveyard and the dargah occupy 1 acres and 2 guntas whereas there are illegal possessions on 8 guntas. He also mentioned that the case of Viceroy Hotel is in progress in Wakf Tribunal.

–Siasat News