HC hasn’t declared ownership of Tikona Qabrastan

New Delhi: The High Court has declared ownership of Tikona Qabrastan (Khusro Park) neither in favour of Waqf Board nor the government, but has made it clear that if the land is proved to be of Delhi Waqf Board then all the expenditures will be borne by Delhi Waqf Board. The next hearing will be held on February 19.

The written judgement of the petition filed against the unwarranted intervention of government agency has been released. High Court has read Delhi Waqf Board policy and has directed
Agha Khan Foundation to keep in view Delhi Waqf Board’s policy while doing any repair and renovation of the graveyard.

Besides the order also stated that DDA will be made accountable for any illegal occupation, throwing of garbage or unauthorized construction is undertaken.

It must be recalled that three mosques and two Dargahs were demolished in Delhi on July 10 by Delhi Development Authority (DDA), and the locals are not happy with it.

Nizamuddin Tikona graveyard is situated near Khusro Park, Delhi. The graveyard is claimed to be more than 500 years old. Even as per Gazette records, the graveyard is shown to be more than 100 years old. The whole graveyard is listed under the property of the Delhi Waqf board, over which the mosque and Dargah have been built.