HC expresses displeasure over Govt’s COVID-19 figures

Hyderabad: The Telangana High Court today expressed its displeasure over the report submitted by the state government on the issue of the COVID-19. It made it clear that the report was incomplete and irresponsible in nature.

It also made it clear that there was no comparison between the figures quoted by the state government and the figures published media organisations. It expressed its anger over the state government for not submitting district wise figures of the COVID- 19 virus despite its orders.

A division bench of the High Court asked the state government to submit reports of the district wise figures COVID-19 virus from August 31 to September 4. It also asked the GHMC commissioner to submit list is isolation wards and COVID-19 centers in its limits.

The HC has also expressed its anger over the inaction of the state government on private hospitals which are violating its orders. It wondered if there was no responsibility on the part of the state government to take action against the private hospitals which are violating rules even after availing subsidies from it.

The High Court has also issued orders to the NPPA (National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Authority) and asked it to conduct an inquiry against all the private hospitals and submit its report before September 22 of this month.

It has also asked the director of public health of the state to take action against the erring hospitals on the basis of the report of the NPPA.

It also asked the director if they had reserved 50 percent of the beds in the private hospitals for the COVID-19 treatment of the poor and needy patients of the state. It further asked the state government to submit the state and district level disaster management plans before the same date