HC directs Govt to set up Spl Court at Yadadri, Child abuse issue

Hyderabad: The State High Court on Wednesday issued orders for the establishment of a special court at the temple town of Yadadri. It opined that the special court would be useful for children, who have become the victims of sexual abuse. It asked the state government to take steps for the establishment of the special court.

The court took up the matter suo moto after publication of reports in different sections of media that Yadadri had become a hub for child trafficking and sexual abuse. It found that several children who have been rescued from the clutches of organized gangs involved in the child trafficking are being given shelter in shelter homes. While dealing with the case, he apex court asked the police as to what they were doing when such heinous crimes against children were being committed. It asked the police department to ensure that such incidents were not repeated at the temple town in future.