HBO president defends ‘Game of Thrones’ final season

Washington: While loyal ‘Game of Thrones’ fans were disappointed with the last season of the show and its end, HBO programming president Casey Bloys praised showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss saying they did a “great job”.

Speaking to Variety, Bloys appreciated the last season of the insanely popular show and the hard work put in by Benioff and Weiss for the series finale.

“I think the guys did a great job. I think to a certain extent it was expected that for a show this big, there’s no way you’re going to please everybody. It’s roughly split with some people loving it and some people disliking it.

That’s about what you’d expect,” he said.

Stating that one cannot make all of their fans happy, he added, “I think the guys landed a massive plan and did a great job doing it. But you’re never going to make everybody happy, nor should that be the goal.”

Bloys also disagreed with the most common criticism of the final season that it would have been better served with more episodes.

“The guys have had a very, very specific plan in their head for a long time,” he said.

“This was not something that was kind of slapdash, were at the end of last season we said, ‘Eh, we only feel like doing six.’ They were very, very deliberate. This was well thought out,” Boys added.

The president recently ruled out the possibility of any sequels or spinoffs of the show, such as an Arya Stark spin-off. However, just because a sequel isn’t going to happen, doesn’t mean there won’t be more of ‘Game of Thrones’ content. Bloys stated that there are three prequel projects in the works currently. Two are in development and the pilot for the third will be shot in June.

“I am not clarifying anything other than yes, we shoot the first pilot in June. There are two more in development and beyond that, there’s nothing else to report,” he said.

The show came to an end on Monday. The climax of the show was dramatic enough with Bran Stark (played by Isaac Hempstead Wright) being crowned the king of the six kingdoms (excluding Winterfell).

After a remarkable 8-year-long journey, the makers of ‘GoT’ failed to impress the fans with the final season. A couple of days back, disappointed ‘GoT’ fans started a petition on, asking the makers to remake the eight season of the series “with competent writers”. The petition has already hit 1.2 million signatures. Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark in the show, slammed it as “disrespectful” to all those who work on the show.