Hazare raps Kejriwal for removing donor list from website

New Delhi: Questioning Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for removing the list of donors from the AAP website since June this year, social activist Anna Hazare asked him what differentiates the AAP now from other political parties.

In a letter to Kejriwal written on Friday, Hazare said that he received a note from some activists who noted the list of donors to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was missing from the party website.

“You had promised that AAP will show the details of all donations received by it on the party website… In the letter (that I received), the activists have written that the list of donors has been removed from AAP website since June 2016,” Hazare wrote.

“This reflects difference between your words and action. To bring change in the nation, there is a need for a leader who unites his words with his action.

“You promised me as well as the society that you will bring change. I feel sad that you didn’t fulfil your promise,” he added.

Hazare said that the talks Kejriwal had with him about bringing change seem to be getting lost, and power and money seem to be becoming important.

“Else, the names of those who donated to AAP during tough times, their names won’t have been removed from the website,” he added.

Noting that this was the first time he was writing to Kejriwal since he became the Delhi Chief Minister, the anti-corruption crusader asked if such measures continue, then what will be the difference between AAP and other political parties.