Hazardous gases emanate from drain, residents complain to DM

Hazardous gases emanate from drain, residents complain to DM

Ghaziabad: Obnoxious gases emanating from a drain which is percolated with stagnant sewage water is causing the residents of Brijvihar and Rampuri colonies here to complain of uneasiness and health problems.

Residents under the aegis of Brijvihar Nullah Pradushan Samiti (BVNPS) assembled at district headquarter and appraised the District Magistrate Vimal Kumar Sharma on the matter

According to the residents, the release of contaminated sewage water in Brijvihar open drain is leading to the emission of hazardous gases which is polluting the residential areas.

BVNPS spokesperson Dhiraj Kumar said that the stagnant drain water is percolating into the inner crust of the earth and polluting the underground water table.

The gases emitting from the drain are damaging electronic home appliances such as air-conditioners, refrigerators etc, he said.

Stagnant sewage water released in the Brijvihar drain from several residential colonies of trans-hindan area should be collected at local Sewage Pumping Stations (SPS) and must be properly treated at Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) properly before releasing the residual water in the drain, he said.

Environmentalist Vijay Pal Baghel also said that chlorofloro carbon (CFC) compounds released in the air during operation of air-conditioners, refrigerators reacts with the methane gas released from the stagnant sewage water and causes damages to various metals such as copper, aluminium, steel and brass, thereby causing untimely failure of electronic equipments.