Having trouble sleeping? This could be the reason

New Delhi: There are a lot of reasons why you might be experiencing lack of sleep, but a new survey has found that your salary hike may also have something to do with it.

The survey indicates that there is a direct correlation between increasing salary and ease of falling asleep.

The India Sleep and Wellness survey was commissioned by Sunday Mattresses and conducted among 345 working professionals above the age of 25, read a statement.

It was released ahead of the World Sleep Day which falls on Friday, March 16.

The survey was conducted across Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru which shows that there is also a direct correlation between productivity and sleep.

Over two-thirds of the sound sleepers believe they are 100 per cent productive at work. Whereas more than half of those who reported getting insufficient sleep, believed they were only 75 per cent (or less) productive.

People below the age group of 30 sleep better as compared to those who are older. Adults over 30 are twice as likely to have sleep-related problems and adults over 45 years are three times more likely to have sleep-related issues.

Almost 40 per cent of people use an alarm to wake up. This is significantly high in Mumbai where 50 per cent of the respondents use an alarm on a daily basis.

People in Bengaluru go to bed the earliest (between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.), whereas Mumbai has the highest proportion of night owls who sleep after midnight. Bengaluru also has a better record of falling asleep as compared to Delhi and Mumbai and this is mainly attributed to relatively lower noise levels.

The research demonstrates that people who eat less than two hours before going to sleep are 50 per cent more likely to have sleep-related issues.