Have no misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccines: Cyberabad Police Commissioner

Hyderabad: The Cyberabad Police Commissioner V C Sajjanar told people not to have any misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccines. He appealed to them to have vaccine for their own safety and the safety of the society.

In a press release, the Police Commissioner said awareness has been created in the public regarding the COVID-19 pandemic which is a good sign for a healthy society.

Alongwith this awareness, however, the people must take Corona vaccine which is totally safe. The vaccine works as a sheild to protect the health of its beneficiary.

“There are misconceptions and myths circulating about the vaccines which are totally false and baseless and the people must not pay attention to them, ” Sajjanar said.

Sajjanar told that the lockdown shall be implemented strictly and there shall be no permission to travel to other states without e-pass. He appealed to the citizens to follow COVID-19 protocols. “No complacency shall be tolerated,” warned Sajjanar.