Have a deep connection with Chinese culture: Kat Dennings

Los Angeles: Actress Kat Dennings says she has a “very deep” connection with Chinese culture because of her family.

The actress spoke about her Chinese descent when she got to know her show “2 Broke Girls” is famous in China. The show is about two young women waitressing while trying to save to open their own cupcake shop. It is aired in India on Comedy Central.

“My grandfather remarried a Chinese woman, so I have a whole extended Chinese family. I have two uncles who are around my age, who are Chinese, who are Jewish-Chinese actually,” Dennings said in an interview to the channel.

“So, I have a very deep connection with the Chinese culture because it’s my family, interestingly enough. So that’s really cool. That’s great. That’s awesome. I mean, the only experience I’ve had is when I went to London and they really like the show, so that’s good,” she added.