Haunted Begunkodar Rlwy Station to be a tourist spot!

Kolkata: Begunkodar Station, West Bengal’s haunted railway station, which was abandoned by employees and locals before then Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee reopened it, has been put on tourism map by Systematic Paranormal Investigation and Research team.

The local population believed the station to be haunted right since the 1960s when commuters spotted a woman in a white saree walking along the tracks and saw her disappear soon after. Soon, the haunting became regular, forcing most of the railway employees refusing to work here. There was one who still did but died the next day.
In partnership with a local tour operator named Purulia Tourism, the Systematic Paranormal Investigation and Research Team is looking to start guided tours to the haunted railway station. It was in the year 2009, that Mamata Banerjee, who was the railway minister that time, rubbished the reports of this haunting and thus reopened the station. Reportedly, a few trains did stop here, but locals were still scared to go anywhere near the railway station.