Hate speeches are unhealthy for Indian democracy; they destroy Social fabric of our society

Since the BJP came into power in 2014, hate speeches by the right wing elements has become a common phenomenon in our country. The fourth estate of our democracy, the media, has also been divided on party lines speaking their ideology. This not only aggravates the situation but also disturbs the communal fabric of our society.

Hate speeches provoke people to commit acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing. This creates law and order problem and poses long term problems for Indian society and economy.

Foreign investors willing to invest in India become apprehensive of the political atmosphere in the country and do not come forward to make investments. This has adverse consequences for employment opportunities in India. Additionally, it also damages our image on global platforms.

In its 267th report, the Law commission of India also mentioned the dangers of hate speeches and defined it as “Hate speech is any word written or spoken, signs, visible representations within the hearing or sight of a person with the intention to cause fear or alarm, or incitement to violence.”

The commission warned that “Indisputably, offensive speech has real and devastating effects on people’s lives and risks their health and safety. It is harmful and divisive for communities and hampers social progress. If left unchecked, hate speech can severely affect right to life of every individual.”

In one way, social media platforms are also adding fuel to fire by spreading rumours which have the potential to spark communal riots. It is the common citizen who has to face the adverse consequences of communal riots sparked as a result of hate speeches. It destroys the public property and private property as well.

Terms like ‘Love Jihad’, ‘Gau Rakshak’, are created by some organizations which have vested interests to achieve their political ends and remain in power. People who follow these right wing organizations do not realize that these organizations are actually dividing the country on religious and caste lines.

–Siasat News