Hate God for killing Sridevi: RGV

Mumbai: The sudden demise of Sridevi has left the country shocked, and filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has cursed God for killing the veteran Bollywood actress.

Varma expressed his shock and anger by posting a lengthy emotional note on Twitter. Sridevi, who was in Dubai for a family function, reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest on Saturday night. She was 54.

He posted: “I so hope I am still having a bad dream, but I know I am not. I hate Sridevi. I hate her for making me realise that she too is finally only just a human being. I hate that her heart too has to beat to live.

“I hate that she too has a heart which can just stop like anybody else’s. I hate that I lived to see the messages informing me of her death. I hate God for killing her. And I hate Sridevi for dying. I love you Sri wherever you are… and I will always love you.”

The filmmaker earlier thought it was a nightmare or a hoax.

“I thought that either it’s a nightmare or a hoax and I went back to sleep. An hour later I woke up to check and there were around 50 messages informing me of the same,” he added.

Varma reminisced the time when the late actress, who was last seen in “Mom” in 2017, came out with a Telugu film back in 1978.

He wrote: “Back in the times when I was in engineering college in Vijayawada, I happened to see her first Telugu film ‘Padaharella Vayasu’. I was awestruck with her beauty and I walked out of the theatre in a daze thinking that she cannot be a real person and she has to be some fantasy form who somehow has taken a human shape.

“Then I saw her various other films, all of which constantly created a higher benchmark of both her talent and her beauty. She was like a creation of God which he does whenever he is in a very special mood as a very very special gift to mankind. My journey to Sridevi started when I was preparing for my debut film ‘Shiva’. I used to walk from Nagarjuna’s office in Chennai to a neighbouring street where Sridevi used to live and I used to just stand and watch Sridevi’s house from outside her gate.”

Varma shared that it was Sridevi’s beauty that inspired him to pen the script of “Kshana Kshanam” — which released in 1991.

“‘Kshana Kshanam’ was intended by me as a love letter to her. Throughout the making of the film, I just couldn’t take my eyes off her charm, her beauty,her personality and her demeanour was a new discovery for me,” he wrote.

Varma wanted to come out with a special announcement about his next project on Sunday. But decided to hold on to it due to the demise of the actress.

“At this grief stricken moment of the demise of Sridevi, neither me nor Nagarjuna are in a state of mind to release the title and release date poster of #NagRGV4… It will be announced later,” he tweeted.