Hate Crime: Four muslim youth beaten up, thrown off the moving train, killing one teen while returning to Haryana

Ballabgarh (Haryana): Hate Crime against Muslims throughout the world is not new but in a secular country like India there seems no break to such crimes. With no action taken against such people by the Government against such crimes in India, communal clashes throughout the country are only escalating by each day.

Either the tiff is about the ‘beef issue’ where innocent people are subjected to lynching and are killed or as it seems the ‘hate crime’ against the minority community is rapidly growing in the country. A country once formed on democratic principles, currently is in a state where such crimes disapprove these principles.

With no action taken against these offenders who are boldly killing innocent people and no law and order being enforced in the country against these communal crimes, losing innocent lives doesn’t seem such a big deal in a huge country like India.

A shocking incident of ‘hate crime’ has surfaced in Haryana, where a 16-yr-old teenage boy was lynched along with three other Muslim youths who were attacked and thrown off the moving train on Thursday night.

The tiff turned violent between these youth and fellow passengers over a seat in a train while they were returning to Haryana after shopping in Delhi for Eid.

According to a report in NDTV, the victim and three other men were thrown off the moving train after being beaten up when the train pulled into a station at Asavati, just 20 km from Delhi.

The four victims were identified as Junaid, Hasib, Shakir and Mohsin. Junaid did not survive the attack. The survivors filed an FIR with the Police.

The victims stated they were abused initially with religious insults and later were beaten up by the mob that was formed in no time, in the train.

The victims also said though they pulled the emergency chain, the train did not stop, neither the passengers came to their help nor did the railway policemen responded to their requests for help, reported DC.