Haryana’s ‘Mission Biryani’ snatches bread of poor street vendors

Mewat: ‘Mission Biryani’ triggers controversy following complaints that beef was allegedly being added in the preparation of biryani by street vendors in Muslim-dominated Mewat district.

Police officials collected seven samples of biryani from shopkeepers and vendors on August 28 and sent to a laboratory following a flurry of allegations and declared that all samples seized contained beef.

However, senior Haryana police officer were quick to clarify and refused to comment about the matter, saying it was yet to be determined whether the collected samples contained beef and had not received any test reports.

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One biryani seller whose samples were seized by the police told NDTV on Thursday that he used buffalo and chicken meat and not beef.

The biryani checks, days ahead of Eid al-Adha reflects “a sinister conspiracy” to target and persecute people belonging to one particular religion.

There had never been a communal clash in Haryana since its inception (in 1966). It is only after the BJP government came to power that this entire division on various fronts between brothers has started in Haryana. It is to hide the policy paralysis in the government,” said Congress’ chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala.