Haryana village to be named after Trump

Gurugram: Sulabh International founder Birendra Pathak has announced that an open defecation-free village in Mewat will be named after U.S. President Donald Trump to build a good relationship between India and the United States.

According to Sulabh, the move will draw the attention of the world towards India ‘s cleanliness campaign ‘Swacch Bharat’.

Pathak declared this extraordinary step at a community event organised in the suburbs of Washington D. C.

The organisation is currently working in some villages of Mewat to make them open defecation-free.

Pathak, a social worker, is working to provide affordable sanitation and toilets to people and end the practice of manual scavenging.

The villagers are very excited and enthusiastic by knowing this and are hope that their future will be bright too.

Pathak’s announcement comes at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi will meet President Trump in Washington on June 26. (ANI)