Haryana Police Chief Says common man can kill criminals!

Chandigarh: Haryana’s top cop KP Singh, said that the common man has the right to kill a criminal when threatened. He said in remarks that are certain to be misread as supportive of vigilantism.

He said. “If someone insults a woman or tries to kill a person, then the law empowers a common man to kill that person. These are not just the powers vested in the police. If someone is insulting any mother or sister, if somebody tries to immolate a house or shop, or if someone tries to kill a person in front of you, then a common man has been empowered by the law to kill that person.”

He added. “The police is already there, but you need to understand your role as a common man,”

Mr. Singh comments came after the four members of a family were killed and another injured in a clash between two groups at Utavad village, where a man, suspected to be a suspended Haryana police personnel, allegedly opened fire.

The DGP claimed that many people do not know that the law actually allows killing a person in self-defence. He said that such an act is not illegal.