Haryana minister likens Rahul Gandhi to Nipah virus

Haryana: Haryana cabinet minister Anil Vij on Tuesday sparked a controversy when he compared Congress President Rahul Gandhi to Nipah virus.

He said, “Rahul Gandhi is similar to Nipah virus, whichever party he comes in contact with, that party will be finished.”

Claiming that an all party-alliance would have no impact on the upcoming general elections on 2019, he said,” They (parties) are trying to come together (in alliance) but they will be finished off,”

Anil Vij is no stranger to making such controversial remarks. Earlier, he said the elevation of Rahul Gandhi as the Congress president would help Prime Minister Narendra Modi in making India “Congress mukt”.

“I welcome the decision of making Rahul Gandhi as the president of the Congress. It will help Prime Minister Narendra Modi in making ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’,” he had told ANI.

He also created controversy earlier this year when he announced a bounty of Rs 10 crore for beheading Deepika Padukone and Sanjay Leela Bhansali amid the row surrounding the film “Padmaavat”, due to its alleged misrepresentation of queen Padmavati.(ANI)