Haryana man forced to stripped to confirm his religion

CHANDIGARH: To ascertain once religion identity, a self-styled religious pressure group allegedly stripped a youth in broad daylight.

The shocking incident took place on 10 October in Rewari town when inter-caste couple (the girl belongs to the SC and the boy was from the Yadav community) had gone to the market to buy medicines.

On suspicion that the couple had eloped from their home, a mob of around 20 people (10-11 men and 5-6 women) initially asked to show their identity cards.

The mob then physically abused them and made stripped the woman’s husband to confirm his religion as passersby watched. After getting satisfied from their religious identity, the group freed the couple.

Haryana police filed an FIR against a group. Rewari SP Sangeeta Kalia assured the couple of fair investigation.

“She can freely come and discuss her issue with the DSP as well as in my office. Justice will be done and we shall ensure the fair investigation,” the SP said, reported Times Of India.