Haryana Government Departments To Encourage Cashless Transaction

Chandigarh: Haryana government today said it has ordered its departments to encourage receipts of payments of more than Rs. 5,000 through digital methods in the wake of demonetisation of the high-value currency notes last month.

Finance Minister Captain Abhimanyu said the state government has initiated a campaign to make Haryana a cashless economy.

To this effect, he said, orders have been issued to state government departments to move towards digital transactions.

Besides, senior secretaries to the government were deputed in various districts for sensitising field officers and various stakeholders such as bankers, traders, merchants, and the people towards digital transactions.

According to the minister, government employees were being trained for this and the state government has entered into an agreement with State Bank of India to install 3,000 point of sale (PoS) machines in government departments to enable staffers transact electronically, he added.