Haryana: BJP government’s love for Cow, disrespect for Human rights

New Delhi: The priorities of the BJP government has surfaced once again reflecting its stand on the human rights.
For the last 19 months in the BJP government of Haryana, the post of the Chairperson of Haryana Human Rights Commission (HHRC) has been lying vacant. In addition to it, the posts of the two other members on the panel have also not been filled for the past five months.

On the contrary, Manohar Lal Khattar-led BJP government in the state has filled all the 16 posts in the state Gau Seva Aayog (commission for welfare of bovines). This clearly reflects the stand of BJP government with respect to human rights.

According to the news reported in The Wire, P.P. Kapoor, Samalkha-based RTI activist and also the member of Jan Abhiyan Manch has filed an RTI petition on January 12. As per the information obtained through RTI, due to vacancy of posts there are 2,205 cases pending and the number of pending cases has been rising.
Of these 2,205 cases, 800 complaints have been received in the past five months alone.

Whereas all the posts in the 16-member gau sewa panel appointed by the Haryana government has been filled.

P.P. Kapoor says that “The fact that key posts in the commission are lying vacant while the Haryana government has filled all 16 posts in the state Gau Seva Aayog (commission for welfare of bovines) clearly indicates how insensitive the Khattar government is towards human rights.”

He further added that “it also reflects on the fact that the priority of this government is not the welfare of human beings.”

The Human Rights Commission of Haryana has been reduced to a toothless body depriving three crore population of the state to lodge complaints against human rights violations.
Mr. Kapoor said that “It is as if there is no one left to listen to their grievances.”

In the year 2017-18, annual budget of Rs 6.5 crore has been allocated for HHRC, and if these vacant posts are not filled with immediate effect, the funds would end up getting wasted.

In the last three years, the Haryana government has witnessed number of human rights violations including the atrocities committed against the dalits, Muslims and other minorities.

In addition to this, nearly 90 people have been killed by the police in various cases of violence that took place during Jat reservation agitation, the Dera Sacha Sauda episode or the Rampal ashram siege.