Harvey Weinstein trying to get sex trafficking charges removed from lawsuit by Wedil David

Washington: Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is looking to get the sex trafficking charges removed out of a lawsuit filed by actor Wedil David.

David, in her lawsuit, claims Weinstein of raping her back in 2015.

According to Page Six, the producer’s attorneys have filed papers in Manhattan federal court requesting the judge to reject the claims made by David.

The lawsuit filed by David in 2017 claims that Weinstein promised her a role in the TV series ‘Marco Polo.’ He called the actor to a Beverly Hills hotel room and raped her. The two first met six years ago in 2011 where the mogul offered to help David.

However, the papers filed by Weinstein’s attorneys read, “Attempting to apply the [law] to this case is an utter perversion of the legislative intent behind the statute. There are no allegations of slavery, involuntary servitude, or human trafficking in the instant case.”

It also accuses David of trying to make headlines “and get her case in the public eye by adding a sex trafficking claim for no other reason than because other plaintiffs are doing it too.”

The producer in May reached a tentative USD 44 million settlement to resolve lawsuits filed by women accusing him of sexual misconduct. However, David opted out of the settlement.

More than 80 women, including actors Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rose McGowan have opened up about similar stories against Weinstein.

Recently, Academy Award-winning actor Mira Sorvino opened up about the time she was date raped and became a ‘battery victim’ at the hands of the media mogul.