Harvey Weinstein sues his own company to obtain records

Washington: Harvey Weinstein has sued The Weinstein Company in an attempt to gain access to his emails and personnel file for the purpose of defending himself.

With government investigations ongoing and the possibility of many more lawsuits to come, the movie mogul claims through his new legal action that any “unjustified settlements or judgments” will diminish his economic interest in the company, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

“In addition, press reports have indicated that the Board is exploring a sale of the Company,” states the complaint. “If the Board agrees to sell the Company for less than it would be worth because of the threat of unsubstantiated or false allegations, Mr. Weinstein will receive less than he should have received as a Member.

“Further, Mr. Weinstein is in a unique position to offer insight, and further explain and contextualize his emails,” the complaint adds.

“By providing Mr. Weinstein access to his emails, he can more efficiently assist the Company in its investigation of these issues and defense of the NY AG investigation and any other claims asserted against the Company, such as the one filed on October 25, 2017, against TWC based on Mr. Weinstein’s alleged conduct.”

The complaint filed in Delaware certainly hints at the moves to come.

According to the complaint, “By obtaining his personnel file, Mr. Weinstein can confirm that the information being reported in the press could have come only from his personnel file, and then pursue potential claims against the Company and its Representatives or officers for mismanagement by leaking confidential Company information.”

Weinstein was fired earlier this month as dozens of women came forward to say they had been sexually harassed by him over a period of 20 years.

The 65-year-old has maintained, since the sexual harassment and assault allegations first went public, that he believed all of the sexual encounters were consensual. (ANI)