Harminder Singh Mintoo arrested but Muslims youths killed in Bhopal encounter

New Delhi: Khalistan Liberation Front’s President, Harminder Singh Minto who had escaped from jail was arrested alive at the Hazrath Nizamuddin Railway Station. It is very surprising to note that whenever similar incidents of escaping the prisoners from jails happen and if they are Muslims, they are not arrested but killed in fake encounters by the police. This speaks of double standards of the police.

It may be mentioned that Vikhar and his colleagues were killed in an encounter with police near Alair while they were being transported to Hyderabad from Warangal Jail. Though they were handcuffed but police claimed that they snatched riffles from policemen which is clearly a fabricated story.

SIMI activists when they escaped from Bhopal Jail, they were killed in an encounter even though they did not have any weapons with them.

There is a need to change the mindset of the policemen for not killing the innocent persons in this manner. Recently, Home Minister, Mr. Rajnath Singh also instructed the police not to arrest anybody without concrete proof.

–Siasat News