Harish slams Uttam on Fee protest

Assembly Affairs Minister T Harish Rao today criticised TPCC President Uttam Kumar Reddy for staging protest in the house on fees reimbursement against procedures.

During a short debate on Fees Reimbursement Harish found fault with Utham for coming in support of congress member Sampath on his allegations against the government. Either leader of the Opposition K Jana Reddy or deputy leader Jivan Reddy should take part in the debate and Utham’s protest is not right as per Assembly norms Harish fumed. The Congress member was although a former minister is failing to comply with the house norms.

The Congress rule is known for corruption, internal squabbles and its members facing jail terms and CBI cases and coming in the way of development, projects and welfare in the state. Harish alleged that the past congress regime minted funds of the projects and looted people. and its leaders are talking on the commissions. We have stopped mobilization advances, survey designs and conducting works with transparency he added.