Harish slams Oppn on projects

Accusing the opposition of double standards and conspiring to stall development works in the state, Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao today, probably found fault for the first time, that Andhra Pradesh Government acquired as much as 54000 acres of fertile land against 5000 acres need for the capital city of


construction.  The opposition is crying foul against Mallanna Sagar for political mileage with no other go while the farmers coming  forward registering their lands for better compensation. At a media persons at Telangana Bhavan here on Monday he said that the Congress which failed to prevent the Chandrababu Naidu Government from acquiring the land noted for two crops a year, is trying to create hurdles to the projects in Telangana. The victims of the project will support the TRS Government on taking better compensation of their choice, he declared. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao worked hard for redesigning the projects to irrigate 1 crore acres he said.

Attributing the suicides by the farmers to the inefficiency of the previous governments he flayed the Opposition for misguiding the people with provocation. The minister reiterated that the government is committed to protect the interests of the farmers and people to be effected due to Mallanna Sagar project. While the Congress built Pulichintala and Pothireddipadu projects to give waters to AP region at the cost of Telangana villages the Telugu Desam supporting Land Acquisition act 2013 in


and opposing the same in Telangana he rebuked. The minister took serious exception to the opposition for adopting double standards and trying to stall the works related to Mallanna Sagar. The TD failed to keep its promise of returning16000 land acquired for Vanpic during previous regime he alleged. (NSS)