Harish to present MK Media Awards tomorrow

The Telangana State Government will present Mission Kakatiya Awards to the media (print and electronic) for second consecutive year for second phase of 2016, at Jala Saudha on April 19 at 11 am.

Minister for Irrigation T Harish Rao extended thanks to the media houses for wide publicity and coverage to the flagship program of Lakes Restoration program. He also greeted the journalists of various newspapers and television channels for winning the awards and continuous support for the program. Harish Rao will present the awards to the winners selected based on entries from print and electronic media by a jury, OSD Sridhar Rao Deshpande has said.

Telangana Press Academy Chairman Allam Narayana is the chairman of the jury comprising members, including Chintala Prashanth Reddy, Resident Editor, The Hindu, Katta Shekhar Reddy, Editor “Namasthe Telangana” Daily and OSD Sridhar Deshpande.

In a press release here today, Harish Rao said the government was encouraging the media for its wide coverage on the flagship program of Mission Kakatiya restoring lakes in rural areas. The topic for the awards was “Impact of Mission Kakatiya” on various sections, castes and people in Telangana, he said. A large number of entries were received by the jury, which scrutinized them for best awards. Deshpande attributed that wide media coverage in print and television channels speak volumes how the lakes restoration program remains a huge success that was reviving rural economy and pushing the locals to go in for farm work and community based works in villages.

The winners of media and some others in various categories include: In Print Media – G Krishna of Namasthe Telangana bagged the first prize with Rs 1 lakh prize, Gollapudi Srinivas Rao of  The Hindu clinched second prize with Rs 75,000 and E Ganganna of Andhra Jyothi got third prize with Rs 50,000. In Electronic Media – G Buchchanna of V6 Channel bagged the first prize with Rs 1lakh,  M Manikeshwar of ETV Telangana second prize with Rs 75000 and B Shivakumar of T News got third prize with Rs 50,000.

Similarly Jury special prize goes to D Surya Kumar and S Narsaiah of Telangana Magazine for research work in June 2016 with Rs 25,000 cash prize each, S Rajasekhar Reddy of Sakshi Daily and B Rajender of Eenadu got special jury awards with Rs 25000 cash prize and cosolation prize with Rs 10000 was given to Tejaswini a student of RGUKT, Basara. D Ramesh, TV5 of Warangal, B Narender TV5 got special jury awards with Rs 25000 each. Similarly special category prizes of Rs 1 lakh each will be given to K Ramchandra Reddy for video film category, T Anjaiah video song category. (NSS)