Hardik Patel sex video: Is he targeted by vested interest?

Hardik Patel, a 22-year-old leader of Gujarat’s Patel reservation movement, who is trying to bring a revolution in the Caste System reservation and protested against the state govt. While Hardik patel is busy with the agitation, suddenly an alleged sex video of Hardik Patel, who made Modi govt loss his sleep, goes viral on social media.

Some of Hardik supporters and Caste Reservation Fighters have said that the guy in this MMS is not Hardik. They alleged that behind this video, Politicians are there to misroute all Supporters. This sex video might defame his range and Stardom.

However Gujrat is buzzing with ‘Was that Hardik Patel only in the video’?. While it’s quiet common that leaders who have stood against the establishment or tried to disturb the applecart have been defamed by some or the other mean, or some time the leaders even loss their life.

The best example is ‘Sanjeev Bhatt’ an IPS officer who had taken on the Gujarat government over its handling of the 2002 riots, had been suspended from service in 2011 for unauthorized absence from duty. Bhatt had been a thorn in Modi’s side ever since he revealed “explosive information” that could perhaps hold the Prime Minister culpable for the 2002 communal pogrom.

On August 14, 2015, he was served a show-cause notice to explain his alleged relationship with an unknown woman other than his wife. The show-cause was given on the basis of a sex video leaked online. Bhatt on his part categorically denied that he was in the video and asked for a detailed probe to clear his name. Bhatt has been now expelled from service.

Digvijay Singh, Abhishek Manu Singhvi is also among such. Digvijay, one of the most outspoken among Congress leaders, who has never backtracked from speaking his mind, some time ago, pictures of Digvijay Singh with a much younger lady flashed on social media. It caused much embarrassment to the veteran Congress leader.

Abhishek Manu who was articulating Congress’ views very ably. Then suddenly defamed by an alleged MMS, in which Singhvi caught in a compromising position surfaced.

Are all these just coincidental or is there a larger force behind it? Off course we will never know, but it is intriguing nonetheless.