Hardik Patel-Congress Friendship Smacks of ‘Fixing’, Says Patidar Leader

Ahmedabad: Hardik Patel’s key aide and senior member of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) Dinesh Bambhania on Friday alleged that the quota agitation spearhead’s support to the Congress party smacks of some kind of “fixing” between them.

Bambhania said he could not understand why Patel was supporting the Congress party, despite it not clarifying how it would give reservation to the Patidar community if voted to power.

“In the poll manifesto, the Congress has not clarified how it would grant us reservation under OBC quota after coming to power in Gujarat. It shows that Congress actually never wanted to give us reservation. Yet, Hardik Patel is doing rallies in Congress’ favour,” he told reporters here.

“Though there is no clarity how we will get reservation under OBC quota, Hardik is mum about it. It seems like fixing to me. Our fight was not about bringing a party to power. At least I do not wish to be an agent of a party. Hardik should not politicise the agitation,” he added.

“Hardik is playing into the hands of Congress in the name of the Patidar movement. Hardik is using the agitation for political purposes and I am totally against it. I urge all the Patidars to use their wisdom when they go for voting tomorrow,” Bhambania said.

Bambhania’s open rebellion against Patel came a day ahead of the first phase of polling in Saurashtra and south Gujarat.

Commenting on Patel’s purported sex tapes, Bambhania indicated that only one CD can be morphed, not all.

“Hardik is seen as an icon. Patidars are having very high hopes from him. One CD can be morphed, but, when so many CDs came out, it does not suit a man who is the leader of a community. I am deeply pained by the entire episode,” he said.

Bambhania claimed he was still with PAAS and said he was not joining the BJP.

“Neither am I against Hardik, nor I am leaving PAAS. I am also not joining BJP. My only contention is that Hardik has failed to pressure the Congress to accept our demand as agreed earlier between both PAAS and Congress,” he added.