Hardik Patel booked for ‘political’ speech at educational event

Jamnagar: An FIR was lodged here against Patidar quota agitation spearhead Hardik Patel for allegedly delivering a “political” speech at an educational and farmers’ welfare event at a village in this district over two months ago, the police said today.

The complaint, filed by Jamnagar (rural) Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) R K Patel, says that although permission was granted for organising an educational and farmers’ welfare event at Dhutarpar village, it turned out to be a “political” programme with Hardik delivering the speech.

The case was registered at the Jamnagar ‘A’ division police station yesterday. According to the complaint, Hardik and his associate Ankit Dhadia had violated the conditions laid down while granting permission for the event.

Dhadia had sought permission from the SDM to hold a public gathering at Dhutarpar village on November 4 last year.

“While permission was granted for an educational and farmers’ welfare programme at Dhutarpar village in the Jamnagar taluka, it turned out to be a political event with Hardik delivering a political speech,” the SDM said in the complaint.

“We had granted permission to hold the gathering. However, after going through the details of the event, it came to light that instead of being an educational and farmers’ welfare programme, it turned out to be political event, thereby violating the conditions set while granting the permission,” he added.

The Jamnagar ‘A’ division police lodged a case against Hardik and Dhadia under sections 36(A), 72(2) and 134 of the Gujarat Police Act.