Hardik Pandya hasn’t stepped out of the house, says his father

Hardik Pandya’s father, Himanshu, revealed that his son watched the second ODI at his Baroda home and hasn’t stepped out of the house since he returned from Australia.

Mr Himanshu stated that “He watched the match. Ever since he has returned from Australia, he has not stepped out of the house. He is also not taking any calls, he is just taking rest.”

His father also said that though Hardik is fond of flying kites and had a chance to fly kites this year, the celebrations were silenced because of the controversy which surrounded him after appearing on the popular show Koffee with Karan.

“He is very disappointed with the suspension and repents the views he expressed on the TV show. He is committed not to repeat the same mistake. We have decided not to talk to him on this subject. Even his elder brother Krunal has not discussed anything about the episode with him. We are waiting for the BCCI’s decision,” Pandya’s father further revealed to the news daily.

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Recently, The show Koffee with Karan featured Team India stars KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya in which the young Indian lads talked on many topics ranging from how they spend their time off-field, romanticizing women and their personal life.

Pandya described an incident when he took his family out for a party and they asked him which women he had a “scene” with, referring to the women Pandya had hooked up with.

The cricketer said “And I actually had to tell them. This one. This one. This one,” pointing out the women he slept with and he further added that how his family was proud of him.

He was slammed for his comments objectifying women when the host questioned him about his personal life, he revealed how his family was cool when it came to discussing his sex life openly.

Later, he apologised after being slammed for his remarks saying he got “carried away by the nature” of the show.

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