Hard work inevitable to gain success in every field of life: budding ENT doctor Dr. Anjum Musa

Hijab is in no way an obstacle to success for a girl, instead it increases respect and honour in the eyes of others. I observed complete Hijab during my educational journey especially during MD. I didn’t face any discrimination or prejudice. These views were expressed by budding ENT doctor, Dr. Anjum Musa. She arrived at Siasat office to meet Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan and News editor Mr. Amer Ali Khan along with her husband Iqbal ur Rahman (software engineer) and father in law Ahmed Mohiuddin Shameem Nizamabadi. Responding to a question Dr. Anjum Musa told that one should offer 5-time prayers and recite Quran daily, then no force of the world could stop him/her from being successful.

Anjum studied SSC from Guntur Bapatla Public School, studied intermediate in Vikas Junior College, Guntur, did MBBS from Deccan College of Medical Science and MD (ENT) from Gandhi Medical College. According to Anjum, her late father Mohammed Musa and mother Tahera Musa played an important role in her success, who strived hard to provide higher education to their 6 daughters.

Daughter of two children, Dr. Anjum Musi is also the member of Royal College of Surgeons, London. She bagged gold medal in 2012 for passing MS in first attempt. As best outgoing woman Student in MS (ENT) who secured highest marks in University Exams. State wide, Dr. Anjum Musa got Dr.A.F.Desmond Prize & 6th AOC Prize, Endowment of AOI.

Dr. Anjum Musa, her husband Iqbal ur Rahman (engineering) and father in law Ahmed Mohiuddin Shameem, Nizamabadi hailed community and welfare services of Siasat and Mr. Zahed Ali Khan.

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