Harassed domestic help to return from Saudi

Thane: A 45-year-old woman from Thane, who was subjected to harassment by her employer in Saudi Arabia, will return to India tomorrow, thanks to Ministry of External Affairs’ prompt response and social media through which she reached out for help.

A local journalist, Imran Memon, who took up the issue with the MEA, said the woman had gone to Abha city in Saudi Arabia to work as a domestic help on March 9 but was subjected to cruelty right from the day one after her employer seized her passport, suitcase and other belongings.

According to Memon, who was in touch with her family,the woman was allegedly made to starve and confined to a small room. She was also made to do domestic chores at three other places.

Her husband works as a driver here, while two sons are also in Abha and work as drivers. She got the work through an overseas placement agency in Bhindi Bazar in South Mumbai.

The family agreed to take up the job in need of money due to severe financial constraints.

Her son went to her employer’s house to see her, but was denied entry and allegedly demanded a big sum for her release, Memon said.

She was not allowed to make calls back home and the only communication she had with her husband was over messaging app, Whatsapp, through which she clandestinely sent a video to her husband, narrating her ordeal.

One of her relatives took up the matter with the MEA with the help of Menon.

The woman’s husband had also approached Naya Nagar police station to lodge a complaint yesterday but got information that his wife would have been rescued by local aunthorities there.