Haram-e-Kaaba to be free from temporary bridge around it

Makkah: According to the statement made by committee to oversee the extension of Kaaba, the temporary bridge erected around it is likely to be removed by 27th May.

Director of Umm-al-Qura University and Chairman of the Committee, Bakri bin Matouk Asas told that the mataf, the circumambulation area around the Kaaba, allowed only 48,000 pilgrims an hour during its expansion, after removing the bridge, it would accommodate 107,000 pilgrims.

The dismantling work of the temporary bridge around the Kaaba started on 6th April this year

Sultan Bin Atti Al-Gurashi, Head of the Department of Projects at the Presidency of the two Holy Mosques said that all the doors of the Kaaba would be open for the pilgrims during Ramazan and the Hajj season in order to facilitate the pilgrims.