Happy for those in Hollywood, but I am content here: Sonakshi Sinha

Mumbai: Actress Sonakshi Sinha says she is happy doing work in Bollywood and has no aspirations yet to go to Hollywood.

Currently, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are doing Hollywood projects and the Akira actress is happy with the work they are doing.

“I am very happy here, why do you want to send me there I don’t understand! I am very happy here with the kind of work I am doing. I haven’t thought about it (going to Hollywood), but whoever is going there, I am happy for them, for the work they’re doing,” Sonakshi told reporters here.

The 29-year-old actress was speaking at a special virtual reality immersive gaming experience ahead of the release of the Milla Jovovich-starrer “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”. The actress tried her hand at the VR game, which put her in a zombie attack, wearing virtual glasses and a vest that provided vibration and audio feedback, while she used a gun to shoot on-screen.

Sonakshi said she is a “gamer” and if Resident Evil is adapted for Indian audience, she would love to be in it.
“There was an attempt few years back with Go Goa Gone, where zombies were there, and I thought it was a really a good attempt. We sort of moved in that direction. I would love for something like this to happen in India,” she said.

“I hope we reach the level of visuals and technology that we see in Hollywood films. If that happens, I am ready to kick some zombies,” she added.

While the Hollywood film is gearing up for release on February 3, the domestic box office witnessed the clash of two Bollywood films Raees and Kaabil this week.

When asked which one she has seen so far, the actress said, “I actually haven’t watched either, but I want to watch both. So hopefully soon I’ll end up catching both.”