Hanumantha Rao questions Governor’s silence on Kodandaram’s arrest

Hyderabad: Alleging that the Governor ESL Narasimhan was looking only one side, AICC secretary V Hanumantha Rao asked Narasimhan, who participated in the Police Martyrs Run held at Necklace Road, to tell as to why the latter failed to see the arrest of TJAC chairman Prof. M Kodandaram’s arrest when he tried to participate in Telangana Martyrs Spoorthy Yatra.

Speaking to the media at Assembly Media Point here on Monday, Hanumantha Rao alleged that the Governor was behaving with discriminating attitude. It was atrocious on the part of Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy to say that naxalites were there along with Kodandaram. “The TRS government’s attitude seems to be in a manner that one not to get surprised if it encountered Kodandaram. There was a chance that the government may encounter Kodandaram in the name of naxals”, he concerned and said the government has to own the responsibility if something happened to Kodandaram or other JAC leaders. He asked KCR, who was praised Kodandaram during Telangana movement, to tell whether Kodandaram was now looking bad. (NSS)