‘Hannibal’ could return for shorter season

Bryan Fuller has offered another update on the fate of Hannibal – hinting the show could return in a different form.

The show-runner said that moving from NBC to a “new venue would be an opportunity to adjust how many episodes we do”, reported Digital Spy.

Fuller voiced a desire to cut back from 13 episodes a season to “9 or 10”, adding: “It feels so digestible. Tightening up the story and shoring up the narrative by three episodes is exciting. It can make things tighter and move quicker.”

He also confirmed that conversations are ongoing with multiple parties regarding a potential revival of “Hannibal”, after NBC announced last week that it would not be picking the series up for a fourth season.

“The studio had asked me what the scope of season four is, so they could prepare production proposals for potential distribution partners,” he said. “That’s where we essentially left it. It’s all still unfolding as we speak.”