Hannah Spearritt expecting a child

Los Angeles: Actress Hannah Spearritt says she is expecting her first child with long-time boyfriend Adam Thomas.

In an interview with OK! magazine, the “EastEnders” actress revealed her pregnancy and shared her pain of suffering two miscarriages.

Spearritt said: “I had one a few years previously with another partner. They both happened early on in the pregnancies, around the five-week mark.

“It’s such an upsetting thing, so it’s made it hard to relax this time, especially during the first few months. Going through all that makes this pregnancy even more special, though. I feel very lucky that everything has been okay this time.”

The couple, who met five years ago, will welcome their child in December.

The 37-year-old actress also opened up about her health battle after a breast implant went wrong in 2013.

“My body was shutting down. At my worst moments, I felt like I was dying. I was suffering from breathlessness to the point where I would be on the floor.

“Even thinking back to it is very surreal,” she added.