Nirbhaya’s last wish before the magistrate

New Delhi: Nirbhaya’s harrowing story is still as painful as it was, when first reported. The gang rape incident shook the country with distress. People, asking for justice on behalf of her marched on the roads in Delhi.

The 23-year-old was a student of physiotherapy, who was gang-raped by six people, out of which one main convict Ram Singh committed suicide on March 11, 2013, in Tihar jail, accusing other inmates of torturing and raping him.

She gave her final statement in front of the magistrate and asked to record it, where she said that she wants the convicts to be hanged until their death or they should be burned alive.

The supreme court announced the confirmation of the death sentence of remaining four convicts on Friday.

What Nirbhaya told in in her statement before the magistrate in Safdarjung hospital ICU, as reported by HT.

The magistrate asked the questioned and recorded them.

She told her name along with her father’s name and her address. Confirmed the date of the incident December 16, 2012, and time 9-9:15 pm. She also informed that she had recently completed her graduation in Physiotherapy.

On being asked about how did she reach the spot. She said that she went to select city walk mall to watch a movie life of the pie between 6-8:30 pm with one of her male friends. They took an autorickshaw to Munirka and boarded a white bus after the movie, seeking passengers for Dwarka. She had to go to Dwarka sector 1 and paid Rs 10 each for both of them.

When asked about the bus details she said that there were 6-7 persons inside. On reaching Malay Mandir, the bus conductor closed the doors and switched off the lights. They started hitting both of them and took the victim to the back of the bus where they raped her for an hour and injured her with an iron rod. They pulled out her friend’s wallet, mobile and credit card. They even pulled her intestines out.

She told that the bus did not stop anywhere nor did they have their phones with then, they did not have any chance of calling the police. Her friend even shouted for help but there was no one to help.

The magistrate asked her whether she heard any names of the convicts, she told that they abused her and shouted “Stop. Hold her. Take her back.” She heard certain names like Ram Singh, Thakur, Mukesh, Raju, Pawan, Vinay. She also told that she was conscious in the beginning but fainted after that.

She informed that they removed her friend’s clothes also and threw both of them on the side of a road, where someone saw them and called the police and the control room.

When asked about what did she wish for those men who did this to her?

“They should be hanged until death so that they are not able to do such a thing to anyone else. Or they should be burned alive. I am giving this statement before a magistrate without any force or coercion,” she declared.

Signed: December 21, 9 pm, Safdarjung ICU