Handloom, handicraft training becomes boon for school dropouts in Sikkim

Gangtok : With an endeavour to preserve and propagate the art and craft skill of the local artisans of Sikkim and to provide job opportunities to the school dropouts, the directorate of handicrafts and handloom in the state has taken an initiative to generate employment opportunities.
Many youngsters, especially girls, stop going to schools in Sikkim due to financial problems and lack of adequate facilities.

However, to empower women and check dropout rate in the region, the directorate is generating employment opportunities by providing skill training on handloom and craft making.

Girls of different age groups are acquiring the training without any hindrances, thus making them self-reliant.

“After completing the training, I will try to open a private enterprise and would also like to teach the children from my village if they are interested in learning,” said a trainee.

As many as 100 young girls are getting trained in the institute.

Various techniques of weaving items are being taught to the girls under proper guidance of trained instructors.

“Girls come here for training with a hope to do something. Instead of wasting their time at home they can join the institute and earn some money,” said Meena Sunwar, instructor.

“Boys are not very interested in the work but girls are, as you can see we have more girls here. They not only work here but also at home. Since 2009, girls are being given admissions in thangka and wood carving sections,” said Chewang Bhutia, Assistant Director.

Moreover, after undergoing rigorous training for almost two years, the girls are given a choice of working in the institute or starting a private enterprise of their own. (ANI)