A handful of people disrupting the peaceful atmosphere of the country: Maulana Arshad Madani

Gangoh: Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind president Maulana Arshad Madani said the present situation of the country is very distressing especially for Muslims, Christians and Dalits. They are robbed and assaulted. A handful of people in the government wants to disrupt peace in the country and establish their supremacy. They want every citizen of the country to become Hindu but the fact is that a large number of Hindus are peace loving. It was proved when more than 100 intellectuals of the country returned their awards to the government after Akhlaq’s killing.

He said, a majority of the population of the country want peace and reconciliation. Such persons should come forward to foil the plans of hate mongers. He said fire cannot be extinguished with fire hence an atmosphere of love and affection should be created.

Maulana Arshad Madani was addressing a meeting held at Madrasa Madania Darul Quran near Ahmed Gangohi shrine. He said this is our country we are not foreigners.