Hamilton slams new qualifying format in F1

Johannesburg : Reigning World Champion Lewis Hamilton has lashed out at the plans of new qualifying format in the Formula One, saying the drivers should be consulted before changing the rules.

In a bid to increase the amount of action during qualifying, the FIA proposed the new qualifying format, which will see the slowest drivers eliminated every 90 seconds after a timed period.

The 31-year-old insisted that there was no need to change the regulations, calling on the management to just make the cars lighter, Sport24 reported.

Hamilton said the cars are already super heavy and added that it would be really difficult to drive if it would be made even heavier.

Hamilton said the driver’s opinion should be valued more in such circumstances, saying that they were better aware as to what is good for the car.

The new rules are likely to be introduced for the first race of the season in Melbourne on March 20. (ANI)