Ham Sab Eik Hain: As Delhi burns, Hindus & Muslims uphold unity

New Delhi: Even as clashes escalated in northeast Delhi over citizenship law which claimed nine lives so far, Hindus and Muslims took out a joint march in Delhi’s Brijpuri locality against hate mongers who tried to engineer communal riots in the area. This indeed is tight slap on the face of the divisive hate politics & riot mongers.

One Syed Abdahu Kashaf shared the video on twitter with the comment: “Hindus-Muslims took out a joint march in Delhi’s Brijpuri locality in Delhi. However @DelhiPolice Failed to control the rioters from burning the Capital of the country. Be positive ignore hate mongers like Kapil Mishra. #UnitedWeStand #Delhi”

In another incident occurred at riot-hit Chandbagh which shows that it is neither Hindus nor Muslims but the rioters who want to disrupt peace, Muslims saved a Hindu boy who was among the stone-pelters and took good care of him. They later handed him over to his family. Boy’s mother Sunita thanked Muslims for saving her child and prayed for them.