Halsey slams Ivanka Trump over her mother-son tweet

Washington: Least Ivanka Trump could have imagined that an innocent Twitter post could get her trolled massively.

American singer Halsey called out Ivanka over her recently (May 27) posted photo with two year-old son Theodore, amidst the reports that the United States government could not account for nearly 1,500 immigrant children in 2018.

The snap that US First Daughter posted saw the mother-son duo in their pajamas staring into each other’s eyes, and captioned it, “My #SundayMorning.”

The 23-year-old singer responded to it by tweeting on Monday, “I wonder what #SundayMorning is like for the parents of 1500 lost children your father is responsible for. F*** your #SundayMorning.”

For the unversed, a report on Sunday said that the US government could not account for nearly 1,500 immigrant children in 2018.However, the federal government believes that it is not ‘legally responsible’.

Steven Wagner, a top official with the Department of Health and Human Services, disclosed the number to a Senate subcommittee last month, CNN reported.

Some other Twitter users also termed Ivanka “tone deaf” and “inconsiderate”.

“@IvankaTrump is so tone deaf, and a hypocrite. Shame on her,” wrote one.

Another tweet read, “Ivanka, as a mother, try to imagine what these immigrant mothers must be feeling to know ICE has list their small children, some not yet 2 years old. Do something to help them!!! Use your platform for good for once!!! #WhereAreTheChildren”

“Your post today is both profoundly inconsiderate and appalling. Being a part of the presidential family, regardless of your position in the White House, you are in a position of authority and power. How dare you post such a gloating image while hundreds of families get torn apart,” a post read.