Half-day for Delhi offices on Thursday

New Delhi: The Delhi government on Wednesday announced a half-day for its offices on Thursday on account of ‘Phool Waalon Ki Sair’ festival celebration.

‘Phool Waalon Ki Sair’ is a seven-day festival which started on Monday during which Hindus and Muslims together offer a ‘floral chaadar’ and ‘pankha’ at the Dargah of Khwaja Bakhtiar ‘Kaaki’ in Mehrauli.

A floral pankha and chhatra (canopy) is offered at the ancient temple of Devi Yogmaya, also in Mehrauli.

“The Delhi Government has declared a half-day holiday tomorrow on November 15, after 2 p.m. in all government offices, autonomous bodies and public sector undertakings under the Delhi Government on account of Phool Waalon Ki Sair,” said a Delhi government official.

During the celebration, processions have been taken out in different parts of the city.