“Halal method of animal slaughter” impacts ‘proteins’: Hyderabad scientists find evidence, develop test

Hyderabad: Scientists at National Research Center on Meat (NRCM), Hyderabad found evidence of change in specific group of proteins by the method of slaughtering animals. They also developed a test to confirm whether the meat is a halal or not.

According to the report published in TOI, this conclusion was arrived at after conducting tests on sheep slaughtered both through Islamic method and electric stunning. Scientists found evidence of variation in the meat at the molecular level.

Based on the changes in the specific group of proteins, scientists can confirm whether the meat is halal or not.

A method by name “Difference Gel Electrophoresis” was used to find the change in proteins of the meat.

Pre-slaughter stress in animals can also be analyzed to find out the method of animal slaughter.